17 de April del 2016

From 25,000 to 30,000 lives to save! (Text in English)

Some of you may have been surprised to see 30,000 appear in our new campaign logo, instead of 25,000... The European Road Safety Charter logo, with its “25,000 Lives to Save” slogan, has travelled around Europe for nearly a decade. It is now a symbol of affiliation to a highly motivated Road Safety stakeholders’ community.
In 2001, the European Commission set the goal of saving 25,000 lives – in other words, to halve the number of victims on European Roads by 2010. Within its action plan, the Charter has proven a unique tool for raising awareness about shared responsibility and underlining Road Safety as a priority for everyone.
In 2011, 30,000 people died on European Roads - 24,000 less than in 2004. But there is still much to do! Any death on the roads is unacceptable. Together we can work towards saving 30,000 lives and reaching a new, ambitious goal: “No More Victims on the Road!”
This is why our new campaign has a new slogan and an adapted logo: 30,000 Lives to Save! Please join us in this very special initiative. Click and show that you care: take action on the roads and on the internet by supporting the pledge!